• Les Moutons Noirs
  • Les Moutons Noirsis a limited series of clothes and accessories. The collection addresses customers with a creative and conscious attitude. Roomy dresses in exquisite quality. For gardens and galleries at the same time. Timeless, simple clothes and accessories, which go beyond the boundaries of age and size.

    All clothes are made from high quality fabrics in a small studio in Berlin. The line is not about fashion, but about the pure enjoyment of shapes, colour, materials and traditional clothes making. Volume and shape, the weight and the colour of a garment are all important.

    We make and sell Les Moutons Noirs dresses and shirts, Les Moutons skirts and tunics, Les Moutons Noirs trousers and jackets as well as exclusive accessories such as Les Moutons Noirs necklaces and keycharms, handmade wool caps and scarves and last not least Les Moutons Noirs handmade crochet hats and bucket bags.

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