About Us

  • Lil Shop Berlin Physical Store 2007
  • Lil Shop in Berlin Mitte was a Comme des Garçons Collaboration Boutique, an analog trading shop. After having created and run three Comme des Garçons Guerrilla Stores, Lil Schlichting opened Lil*Shop in 2007, continuing as a CdG collaboration store, that sold the most beautiful clothes and carefully chosen items of all Comme des Garçons lines: Comme Comme, Shirt, Homme Plus, Junya Watanabe and Tao along with limited special series items from Japan.

  • Lil Shop Comme des Garçons Display
  • The original shop was localized close to the shopping landmarks of Berlin Mitte, but philosophically a universe away from these scenes.

    The physical store closed down in December 2012 and Lil started focussing on her online business.

    Since 2014 Lil*Shop offers products online exclusively: unique slow fashion and poetic every-day pieces that last. A stylish, yet not only fashionable selection of individual clothes and accessories.

  • Les Moutons Noirs - Handmade in Berlin
  • Les Moutons Noirs is a limited series of clothes and accessories. The collection addresses customers with a creative and conscious attitude. Roomy dresses in exquisite quality. For gardens and galleries at the same time.

    During the first Guerrilla Store in the old Bertolt Brecht bookstore in 2004, Lil Schlichting had already established her own line ‘Les Moutons Noirs’.

    Having grown up in a German-French environment and having been cared for mainly by the strong women of the family, Lil has always had a sense for the power and beauty of femininity since childhood.

  • Les Moutons Noirs Collection
  • After her design studies she worked as a stylist, designer and fashion buyer for different brands. Visual storytelling, craft and and an eye for the detail have become important parts of her work.

    These influences and manifold experiences can now be found in the Les Moutons Noirs collection: the line creates only what is needed – in a slow fashion spirit with no seasons and by creating limited editions, growing in time. Unique and individual, yet timeless clothes that last.

  • Les Moutons Noirs Gingham Dress
  • “Les Moutons Noirs is the contrary to consumerism. We love clothes that last. We make and sell timeless, simple clothes and accessories, which go beyond the boundaries of age and size.

    All our clothes are made from high quality fabrics in our studio in Berlin. Our line is not about fashion, but about the pure enjoyment of shapes, colour, materials and traditional clothes making. Volume and shape, the weight and the colour of a garment are all important. The more you wear a piece, the better it gets. No matter if you are young or old, petite or large – you bring your personality and individuality and make our clothes yours.”