• The Maku philosophy is based on on mindful process of making and being and rooted in the practice of doing things by hand. Their clothes are handspun, handwoven and hand dyed with natural colours – indigo and natural whites so far, with more shades being added to the natural palette.

    Maku’s designs is drawing from age-old Indian textile traditions, working intimately with the ‘jamdani’ brocade weavers of West Bengal since the past decade. The fabric takes the lead - the design language evolving from the pulse of the yardage.

    Maku is the Bengali word for shuttle (used in handloom weaving). Maku garments are intimate in character, demanding one’s touch, smell, taste, and feel to expound its comfort to the wearer.

    We proudly present hand dyed and hand woven Maku Khadi dresses, Maku shirts and Maku scarves in wool, cotton and silk blends.

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