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Lil*Shop offers unique slow fashion and poetic every-day pieces that last.
A stylish, yet not only fashionable selection of individual clothes and accessories.

We love clothes that last. We make and sell timeless, simple clothes and accessories, which go beyond the boundaries of age, season and size.

Shop online from the following brands: consumed, Gallego Desportes, Labo.Art,
Les Moutons Noirs, Suzusan, Tiefenbacher Lehmann, Wommelsdorff, Zilla

  • Gallego Desportes

    Gallego Desportes

    Gallego Desportes is a beautiful collection mixing ancient textiles and fabrics Made in France. A great selection from European weavers knowing to produce an excellent quality, the materials are necessarily natural, the designs timeless. The focus of their style is comfort and understated elegance.

  • Laboart


    Labo.Art is a brand based in Milan and stands for sober and minimal elegance. Constantly focusing on the reinterpretation of cotton, wool and linen in essential and modern shapes, top-quality materials with clean design.

    The perfect balance of taste and class creates a unique and easy style with the high 'Made-In-Italy' standard.

  • Les Moutons Noirs

    Les Moutons Noirs

    Les Moutons Noirs is a limited series of timeless, simple clothes and accessories. The collection addresses customers with a creative and conscious attitude.
    Roomy dresses in exquisite quality. For gardens and galleries at the same time. s, which go beyond the boundaries of age and size.

  • Suzusan


    Suzusan stands for a successful combination of grown tradition and modern design. The roots of the label, which is based in Düsseldorf are in Arimatsu, Japan.
    The Murase family has been refining fabrics in traditional and elaborate handcraft for more than 100 years.

    Hiroyuki Murase shifts the collection from traditional Japanese craft into a modern context.

  • Wommelsdorff


    Since 2008 the Wommelsdorff collection is produced by experienced hand knitters in Germany using the finest quality yarns.
    Wommelsdorff's philosophy is to take a contemporary, pure and sensuous design aesthetic and combine it with an appreciation of traditional craftsmanship
    to create hand-crafted, 'one of a kind' pieces which emphasize the personality of the individual wearer.

  • Zilla


    Sylvia Pichler founded Zilla in 2005. It was her grandfather and father, a blacksmith and an architect respectively, who instilled into her a profound love for haptic experiences.

    Pichler starts out by repurposing materials, thus giving them a new life in an altered shape.
    This approach is a fundamental part of her creative process and the key to her brand’s ongoing success.

    Zilla bags are exclusively manufactured in Northern Italy.

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