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Meret Oppenheim: Pelzhandschuhe, 1936. Ursula Hauser Collection, Schweiz. Foto: Stefan Altenburger Photography, Zürich  © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn, 2013

Meret Oppenheim Retrospective – Martin Gropius Bau Berlin


Magical objects, scenes, dream and myth, representations of the invisible, Cadavre exquis and the game as an artistic method describe Meret Oppenheim’s work. The great retrospective in Martin Gropius Bau in Berlin now presents the entire spectrum of Meret Oppenheim’s oeuvre that was groundbreaking in its independence and diversity until today.

Mutterland Delikatessen

New Shops On The Blog #2 Mutterland Delikatessen Hamburg


A wonderful and charming spot in Hamburg with Slow Food at its best. Already knowing and loving the Mutterland coffee shop near the central station, where I regularly pay a visit for a delicious organic breakfast, I discovered Mutterland Delikatessen unexpectedly.

Isabel Marant pour H&M Pre-Shopping at Voo Store, Berlin

Isabel Marant pour H&M Pre-Shopping at Voo Store Berlin


On November 12th and 13th , two days before the official launch , the Isabel Marant collection was sold at Voo Store in Berlin in an exclusive pre-launch. In cooperation that was initiated together with Vogue, a selected group of Vogue readers got exclusive access to the collection.

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